Professional Experience

Other Experience

Professional Experience

Gemba (Production) Support Administrator

January 2014 - October 2015, Mississauga, Canada
MHI Canada Aerospace
Coordinated and kept track of repair activities during aircraft wing production to keep the production schedule and ensure traceability

Initiated the first usable method to organize a large number of non-conformity reports and to keep record of repair activities for visibility and traceability; the record was shared with managers, other production teams and support members to coordinate related activities, resulting in significant production improvements

Led a repair activity meeting on regular basis to improve team communication; repair activities were coordinated at different production stages resulting in less downtime

Coordinated with engineers to prepare rework record and provided repair workers with proper documents to ensure that repair would be conducted according to the authorized method

Edited and designed Kaizen (improvement activities in production operation) news letter "Eclair News", which was authored by a Japanese senior manager and translated by a team of Japanese translators to distribute internally; the graphic of each news letter conveyed the theme and grabbed the readers’ attention

See Activities and Interests for activities at MHI Canada Aerospace

Contract Technical Japanese Interpreter/Translator

November 2012 - July 2013, Orillia, Canada
Kubota Materials Canada Corporation
Collaborate with Japanese engineers in instructing Canadian workers to built and run a new plant with Japanese technology

Provided instruction to Canadian millwrights and electricians in building a new plant with Japanese engineers; technical terms in multiple engineering fields were properly conveyed to transfer Japanese technology in a different setting

Trained Canadian workers in operating the new plant with Canadian production supervisors and Japanese trainers; the trainers’ lack of experience in training overseas was filled and the cultural gap was also filled

Translated and edited Japanese ISO documents to adapt them for the Canadian regulations and work environment

Translated and edited technical documents, e.g., standard operating procedures and service manuals

Contract Technical Support

April 2011 - August 2011, Kanagawa, Japan
2nd LCM Service Management Department, Fujitsu FSAS
Provided worldwide, 24-7 technical support of software systems developed by Fujitsu

Corresponded with customers as front-end support; responding manner was measured based on the Fujitsu standard

Maintained support history; results were used for further support and also used by developers to resolve root causes

Created HTML service manual of a new cloud system developed by Fujitsu so that all support engineers would be able to provide technical support of the new system

Chief Engineer

April 2008 - March 2011, Kanagawa, Japan
Led electrodeposition coating simulation in the car industry domestically and internationally

Conducted contracted electrodeposition coating simulations to car companies in Japan, Korea, North America and Europe; simulation results were presented to clients to improve their car design with minimum increase in development cost

Developed training programs of the simulation software and provided on-site technical training to engineers domestically and internationally, resulting in fast introduction of a new technology to their development process and strong relationship with them

Edited the first edition of the user manual of the simulation software as the chief editor; the user manual promoted efficient development process on the clients’ side by providing tips, reduced similar types of inquiries from different customers, and also facilitated technical training and support

Designed and maintained a new bilingual corporate web site (Japanese and English); inquiries increased since the new web site was launched, which contributed to the sales increase

Senior System Engineer

December 1999 – March 2002, Tokyo, Japan
Medical IT Business Department, Olympus Corporation (formerly Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.)
Led development of endoscopy data management software system for sale in Europe

Negotiated requirements with Olympus Europe; a large number of inquiries from Olympus Europe were prioritized to define specifications of the system, further discuss key features and to plan a development schedule

Coordinated with manufacturing, marketing and quality assurance sections and instructed a team of translators; development stages were well managed to promote the software system within tight schedule

Developed two upgrades of $3.3 million annual revenue software; product captured up to 80% market share in some European countries

See Activities and Interests for activities at Olympus Corporation

Volunteer Biomedical Engineer

December 1997 – December 1999, Nuku'alofa, The Kingdom of Tonga
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Took volunteer leave from Olympus Optical for two years to serve as the first volunteer Biomedical Engineer in The Kingdom of Tonga

Maintained medical devices at the principal hospital of Tonga and instructed local engineers on device maintenance with limited resources; the availability of usable devices was improved with minimum cost increase

Instructed nurses and doctors on proper handling of medical devices, resulting in longer life cycle of the devices and better quality of services they provide

Created medical device check manuals and guided local engineers in creating and maintaining accurate records

See Activities and Interests for activities at JOCV

Junior Electrical Engineer

April 1994 – August 1997, Tokyo, Japan
Endoscope R&D Department, Olympus Corporation (formerly Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.)
Developed head-mounted display for endoscopic surgery applications

Developed new imaging system that enabled miniaturization of endoscopy information system

Liaised with manufacturing engineers to establish new endoscopy imaging products in the plant of the department

Performed safety testing of endoscopy information system and instructed all 15 section engineers on safety regulations as a section representative for the Safety Regulation Committee

See Activities and Interests for activities at Olympus Corporation

Other Experience

Contract Japanese Translator

November 2013 - January 2014, Mississauga, Canada
MHI Canada Aerospace
Supported communication between Japanese and Canadians to built aircraft wings designed in Japan

Facilitated communication between Japanese instructors and Canadian aircraft assemblers, production supervisors and engineers

Translated Japanese technical document and business document to English

Part-time Japanese Language Instructor

September 2006 - December 2006, Calgary, Canada
Calgary Japanese Language School
Taught Japanese language to beginner-level young Japanese learners

Part-time Translator/Proofreader

June 2005 - August 2005, Tokyo, Japan
YAMAGATA Corporation (formerly Ycomm)
Translated and proofread user manuals of Sony products

Translated Japanese user manuals into English, including instructions and glossary of technical terms

Proofread user manuals which were originally written in Japanese and translated into English by other translators

Part-time Science Teacher

February 2003 - August 2003, multiple locations in Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan
Taught science to grade 3 - 5 students at a prep school