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Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Among the design implications mentioned above, functions, human factors, engineering and production considerations are always very important. Aesthetically pleasing objects that do not function well cannot be product design. When human factors are taken into account, design can be distinguished from pure engineering. Production may need to be considered at early stages of design development. The designer's role is to implement those requirements simultaneously.

Examples from Master's Degree Project

Sustainable Product Design is to realize three aspects of product design simultaneously; environmental responsibility, economic security, and social well-being. Multiple issues need to be taken into account throughout the design process.

Production Considerations
Production Considerations

Since this project is design for developing countries, production considerations need to be well considered. Some working model of primary parts are made to examine those considerations.

Production Considerations

Joinery design, examined through hand drawings and CAD modeling in previous stages, are tested by making working models of the assembly. For this project, I used the metal work shop at the Faculty of Environmental Design. If I cannot make those parts in Canada, it should be more difficult to produce in developing countries.

Human Factors Considerations
Marker Rendering in Human Factors Considerations

This project is also design for people with disabilities, and human factors are vital. Nursing products should support the users physically and also emotionally. When human factors are taken into account, industrial design can be distinguished from engineering.

While many people today heavily rely on computer technologies, hand drawing and marker rendering are still effective design practice. In the example above, armrest design is considered through marker rendering. Combination of hand drawing and digital image processing, in other words mixing high-tech and low-tech, is further effective. The marker-rendered sketches are then digitally processed and combined with CAD rendering to see how it may look like in reality.

Examples from Engineering Projects

My design skills are supported by my expertise in some engineering fields.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Winter Joy - CAD Project
Finite Element Analysis

In this CAD project, titled "Winter Joy", Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used to examine and compare the frame structure of two wheelchair design in terms of safety factor and part distortion. Gravity and force, i.e., the weight of the user, were applied to run simulations. The analysis revealed that the difference in reinforcement frame design in one part affects force distribution and concentration in other parts.

Dynamic Mechanism Simulation, Winter Joy - CAD Project
Dynamic mechanism simulation, applied force

In the CAD project, Dynamic Mechanism Simulations ware ran to examine the kinematic motion and force applied to some principal parts. Gravity is applied and driving parts are activated to run simulations. The results are shown as time-variable force applied to main parts.

Examples from Studio Projects

Aesthetics and Ergonomics, B+ (beauty plus) Kitchen Product Series

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Aesthetics and ergonomics cannot be separated in my design. I made sketch models by carving rigid foam to find a good form so that the grip would fit the user's hand and as a whole it would create a series of curves that flow from the grip to the tip in a harmonized way.

For example, this spatula is mainly for stir-fry. Starting from a simple, streamline shape, it evolves so that it would be easy to grip and also easy to stir in a wok.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

To design the grip, I started by squeezing a piece of plasticine to find a comfortable shape. Then I tried to find how the ugly, squeezed from could become beautiful while retaining its comfort. The resulting delicate and subtle curve provide both a comfortable grip and beauty to the object.