Raid Wind ShieldRaid Wind Shield

I have an off-road motorcycle named Raid, and made an original wind shield with translucent blue acrylic. Honestly speaking, this piece does not work well as a wind shield. It is more for personalization. In other words, it functions to subtly personalize my motorcycle. For many riders, motorcycle is a hobby, while car is something pragmatic for many drivers (or a must for North Americans). Therefore, many riders in Japan customize their motorcycle both for better performance and for a sense of identity. Besides the function as a wind shield, this piece works to develop my attachment for this motorcycle.

In Japan, English (or any collection of alphabet) is an aliens' language. It only looks cool and people do not care what it means. Many Japanese do not know that this wind shield bears my name. They think this is a logo of something, and it is my intention. I want to personalize my motorcycle, but do not want to be an "exhibitionist".